Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hello again
wow 2 posts in the same month
i am getting a bit better
life is a little more peaceful, baby Chase's canines are through,
sleeping better and is not so cranky, but they are both still a handful.
i have had a couple of fairs and makers markets, so have been madly making lots of jewelry and glass
even poured and made 50 resin pendants and keyrings
here are some of the New glass i have been making
the owls are evolving, you can see by the pics, takes some time and patience when you are trying to make the one you are making actualy look like you want them to, mayby a dozen more
and they will be a whole lot better, its so good to be creating again
my stall was bulging with lovely new things.
been a great month, lots more to show and tell real soon


  1. OMG Gail these are too cute I love them

  2. thanks Jen
    i am enjoying making them
    can't wait to make more owls as they are evolving and getting better.