Wednesday, December 1, 2010

new owls

the 3rd batch of owls made on the 1st dec
have added a bit of colour, they are still evolving and changing
i am having fun playing around with these, had 2 casualtys so far they got a bit cold
 too quickly and broke in half, my little grandchildren love them and call them Hoots!
they are so cute have to check out what nanna makes and touch every bead

                     the 2nd batch of owls  made on the 30th nov off the mandrels and cleaned ready
                                                to be made into jewelry pendants, keyrings etc


  1. wow gail, i didnt know you had gone into lampwork, these are stunning xx

  2. Thanks Jo

    I have been doing lampworking and fused glass for about 6 years now, still try to keep up with papercraft/collage stuff when i can. :o)